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Our craft coffee is certifiably excellent. We also pay our farmers more than average, and each bag can be traced back to its geographical origin.

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Ana and Isidro Liz farmers Native Root Colombian Craft coffee
Ana & Isidro Liz picking coffee cherries in the Togoima indigenous reservation
Elder Stone Coffee bag Native Root Colombian Craft coffee

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Ervin, Ana, and Isidro Liz Native Root Nasa native coffee farmers

Ethically sourced, consciously crafted.

Native Root founder Ervin Liz grew up seeing the injustices of the coffee trade, where farmers didn't get paid enough to provide for their families. He wanted to start a business that gave the farmers what they earned – good wages and credit for their hard work. For coffee lovers who want to bring more intentionality to their daily cup, Native Root is a company that connects you to the people who make your coffee possible.

Our Mission


Yes, we pay them 10% more... But that's not where we stop. For many coffee farmers, it's about more than money. It's about dignity and pride in work. That's why their faces are the face of Native Root. By telling their stories, geo-sourcing our beans, and naming the Nasa reservations where they live, we seek to uplift and empower these incredible people - through pay and through pride.

Angelica Liz Colombian Coffee farmer native Root

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