Luis Diaz

Luis Diaz is a second-generation Nasa indigenous coffee farmer from the Togoima Reservation. He has been farming for over 30 years, growing caturra and Colombia varietals on his farm. He also grows hard wood trees, which are good for shade, and nitrogen fixating trees that are related to the legumes. Luis has been improving his processing methods and thus achieving higher and higher quality coffees. We are proud to be working with Luis.

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Our neighbor, Luis, has been selling his coffee to us since ever since Isidro Liz traded coffee with the C market, a long time ago. This is way before our founder, Ervin, was even born. Now, Luis is very happy that his coffee goes directly to your cup through Native Root.

Luis Diaz Native Root Colombian craft coffeeThe Togoima indigenous Reservation craft coffee native root
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Togoima indigenous reservation
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Yes, we pay them 10% more... But that's not where we stop. For many coffee farmers, it's about more than money. It's about dignity and pride in work. That's why their faces are the face of Native Root. By telling their stories, geo-sourcing our beans, and naming the Nasa reservations where they live, we seek to uplift and empower these incredible people - through pay and through pride.

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