Connecting craft coffee lovers to Colombian coffee farmers.


Paying farmers more to improve their quality of life.

Ervin, Ana, and Isidro Liz Native Root Nasa native coffee farmers

The Root of the Problem

Ervin Liz, the founder of Native Root Coffee, is a third-generation Nasa indigenous coffee farmer. He was raised learning about the crop: its challenges, its rewards, and its community. Growing up in this environment, Ervin realized that the coffee industry often left the farmers he knew shortchanged. In many cases, their pay wasn't even enough to provide for their families.

Building Better Lives

This first-hand experience inspired Ervin to create a coffee company that pays farmers #10%andmore and gives them the credit they've earned. Native Root Coffee delivers top-of-the-line coffee grown at Ervin's family farm as well as those grown by his neighbors. Our mission is to build a connection between our farmers and our customers. Coffee is a universal language, so let's get talking.

Ana and Isidro Liz Native Root Craft Coffee
Close your eyes and taste Colombia.


Yes, we pay them 10% more... But that's not where we stop. For many coffee farmers, it's about more than money. It's about dignity and pride in work. That's why their faces are the face of Native Root. By telling their stories, geo-sourcing our beans, and naming the Nasa reservations where they live, we seek to uplift and empower these incredible people - through pay and through pride.

Angelica Liz Colombian Coffee farmer native Root

But, why?

Why pay farmers more?
Why create a connection?
Why raise the bean quality?

It's pretty simple...

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